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Daniel is a performance nutritionist who works with the Dublin Senior football team and Leinster Rugby as well as athletes in other sports including golf, hockey, athletics and cycling. He is also the Author of the nutrition and recipe book ‘Eat Up, Raise Your Game’ and founder of the online platform FoodFlicker.

Daniel believes that enhancing elite athletes and recreational athletes understanding of appropriate nutrition practices is vitally important for long-term optimum health and performance. In order to achieve this, he believes in providing this information in an understandable, practical and enjoyable manner. The approach is based on translating the latest nutrition science into practical advice and recipes for people to achieve their health and performance goals using fresh and simple ingredients.

Time is a valuable commodity in the modern world so his recipes, tips and tricks acknowledge and address that. Cooking is a skill that Daniel believes is a critical element to achieving health and performance goals, it is because of this that Daniel invests his energy on social media showing people how to prepare meals in a simple and enjoyable manner.

Daniel received his BSc in Agricultural Science from University College Dublin, holds an MSc in Nutrition, Physical Activity & Public Health from the University of Bristol and is completing a Dip in Sports Nutrition from the International Olympic Committee. Daniel is also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S) with the NSCA, and has completed the national qualification in Exercise and Health Studies.

Daniel has played Gaelic football at intercounty level for Sligo and won an All-Ireland club football medal in 2016 with Ballyboden St’ Enda’s in Dublin. His own playing and training experience allows him to understand the practical implications of applying the science of sports nutrition to achieve peak physical condition and performance in sport.

Practical and engaging nutrition sessions with a leading performance nutritionist

Seminar Options and themes

Option 1
Nutrition fundamentals

  • Why nutrition is important and how our food choices effect our health
  • What influences our food choices?
  • Making the right food choices for health and wellbeing – The essential nutrition information to understand and implement on a daily basis
  • How to maintain energy levels for enhanced concentration and focus
  • Avoiding energy slumps!

Option 2
Nutrition for improved body composition

  • Energy balance and macro nutrient targets
  • Removing the confusion around how to approach your nutrition for fat loss
  • The importance of goal setting and monitoring
  • How we manage our appetite

Option 3
Habit formation and creating a high performance lifestyle

  • How habits are formed
  • Building a high performance lifestyle
  • An insight to the eating habits of elite athletes – How elite athletes set up their lives for peak performance

Option 4
Sleep – Do we really know its value and how to improve our sleep quality?

  • Understanding sleep need
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Sleep and nutrition, are they linked?

Option 5
Practical demonstration

  • Quick and simple snack preparation demo such as protein balls or smoothies


Daniel Davey on feeding Dublin and Leinster winning machines
Back in 2012 sports nutrition was not especially in vogue, nor especially rewarding. Daniel Davey had played Gaelic football for his native Sligo, acquired a primary degree and a masters, and had been working in a start-up sports supplement company for 3½ years while also working as the nutritionist for the Dublin hurling team. He was also giving talks in schools, anything he could do to build a portfolio in sports nutrition, but feeling disillusioned, he was about to travel the world.


Meet Irish rugby’s secret weapon: nutritionist Daniel Davey wants to bring his philosophy to our kitchens
Tending his sheep on a small farm in the west of Ireland is not where you’d expect to find one of the country’s leading sports nutritionists. But nothing about Daniel Davey is typical. Before the term farm to fork was invented, the 36-year-old – who combines the role of performance nutritionist for Leinster Rugby and Dublin’s senior footballers – was living it. While his job now is all about making sure his elite athletes can perform at optimum levels.


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