22 Jan 2011 - Is Ireland ready for the London 2012 Olympics?

With a general election looming people are getting ready to vote. With the recession and general doom and gloom businesses seem happy to continue to stare into the bleak. Ready? Ready for what? We are just happy to survive. To a large extent I agree. But remember not everything is depressed. There are always winners in any recession and there are markets that are growing. There is also, always, the whisper of opportunity. Opportunities on the horizon. Opportunities like the Olympic Games.


London 2012 represents a golden opportunity. (Some people believe that this is the closest Ireland will ever get hosting an Olympics.)


London 2012 is being quoted as catalyst for inspiring the nation. (The Olympics are with our neighbours and on Ireland's door step.)


London 2012 will see huge surges in tourism, consumer spending, investment and confidence. (Ireland can tap into this and tap into the spill over benefits.)


But the recession or even depression or simply the obsession with doom and gloom means that so many people, companies and organisations are going to miss out on being able to make to most from this prestigious event.


There are just over 500 days to the Olympics 2012 (27th July -12th August 2012) and tickets go on sale in March. Athletes start the qualification process for the Olympics this year. In fact if you talk to any Olympic candidate they say preparation for the Olympics starts now. Why should you and your company be any different! It is not too late to plan and get involved. it is not too late to implement a strategy that will result in a positive rate of return. It is not too late to think about something optimistic.


If you do not believe any of this, or are just too depressed to motivate yourself any more, then I suggest going back to watch the movie 2012 and be content with the thought that it might all be over soon anyway!