We have a lot of experience when dealing with standard contracts. However, where unusual legal issues or doubts occur to us, we will consult with lawyers or other experts as a matter of course so as to help our own understanding of the contract.

These contracts are sometimes prepared in advance by the lawyers of large organizations and at other times cobbled up rather inexpertly by a non lawyer. In either case, we will usually know whether they are standard for their purpose or otherwise and may suggest amendments or improvements from the athlete's perspective. Common issues and questions include:

  • Does the contract reflects your true net present market value?
  • Are the committments going to interfere with your training schedule?
  • What are the limitations of the contract?
  • Are there any conflicts of interest?
  • Is the contract in your long term interests?
  • Is the contract unduly weighted in favour of your sponsor?
  • Will you get the support you need?

There are many issues to consider but you can be confident that Silver Hatch Sports will help you with all contract negotiation issues.

It is precisely because athletes are often inexperienced, very young and usually without resources at the earlier stages of their career, we have created a Club for athletes, to enable them get direct access, at low cost, both formally and informally, to initial advice from participating experienced lawyers about sports contracts they are presented with..