We are experienced in working with athletes and sponsored campaigns. We can deliver high value brand exposure through high impact marketing and media coverage.

Sports Individuals – Branding and Marketing

It is important to understand that as an athlete you are a brand. You have a ready audience waiting to enjoy and be apart of of your success and failures. This is part of what any sponsor buys into. When you are sponsored you are working for a brand. A good image, positive branding, targeted marketing and a pro active PR campaign will add value to your investors. The value to the investor is the rate of return to them on the investment. Silver Hatch Sports is experienced in delivering branding, marketing and PR to maximize the return to you and for any sponsor/investor.

We supply all managed athletes with a bespoke marketing package. This provides the athlete, us and any sponsor/investor with a platform for branding and marketing. We even work with other agencies supplying their athletes with this service. For instance, a bespoke web site will not only reflect the athlete's achievements in sport but will also allow the athletes personality to shine.

Our marketing of an athlete attempts to answer the real questions: who is the person behind the athlete? What are their inspirations and aspirations? What are their interests and hobbies? What is their favourite food, drink, restaurant, travel destinations, games, books and movies?

We can supply you with a fully interactive social media package including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube (and many other social media platforms) so that we can optimize exposure. We have extensive knowledge in SEO and our athlete's web sites rank with Google, Yahoo and Bing across a wide variety of search criteria.

GUARANTEED when you work with SHS

We supply all managed athletes with a bespoke made web site. Note that:

  • SHS webssites will provide the branding & marketing base for interacting with the media and social network sites
  • SHS websites are award winning!
  • SHS websites will tell the athletes story with blogs, galleries, videos and more.
  • SHS websites will interact with your fan base.
  • SHS websites will enhance your brand!
  • SHS websites will provide excellent marketing for your sponsors.

Our contacts in the media including newspapers, magazines (sports, lifestyle, health, fitness and fashion) radio and TV mean that when the right opportunity comes along we can optimize your marketing potential.

We will communicate with you to produce an marketable image which will catch the eye of the media and bring what you want to the forefront.

  • Press releases
  • Cross Media exposure - Newspapers, Radio, Internet and TV
  • Photoshoots
  • Internet services - Web sites, Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Networking